Directions.  Use the map on page 181 of your History Alive book to complete the map on 59A.

59-Title Page, answer questions from here.

Ancient China Question 1
Label the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea,and the South China Sea.  (2m)

Explain two ways these seas have influenced China’s history?  (Think about how people would utilize (use) the sea) (2m)

Ancient China Question 2
Draw the boundaries (outlines) of the territories covered by the Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han dynasties.

Use a different color for each dynasty. Add them to the map key.  Use page 181 (7m)
( Pages 197, 207, 221, 224 have each individual dynasty highlighted.)

Why do you think the areas controlled by various dynasties kept expanding (becoming larger). (Hint: What might the dynasty and its rulers need more of?  Also think about people they want to be on reality TV shows as well.)

Ancient China Question 3
Label the Huang He and the Chang Jiang Rivers.

Why do you think these geographic features were important in the early history of China? (What makes rivers important in the development of civilizations?)

Ancient China Question 4
Which dynasty controlled the smallest area of China?

Which dynasty controlled the largest area of China?

Ancient China Question 5
Approximately how many years were there between the time a Chinese dynasty controlled the smallest area and the time a Chinese dynasty controlled the largest area?

Why do you think the Han dynasty never expanded into the southwest or the far northwest? (Think about the geographical features of these areas.) 

Ancient China Question 6
Draw and label the Great Wall.  Page 221
The Great Wall was 1,500 miles long, 25 feet high, and 15 to 30 feet wide.

Why do you think it was built?

Ancient China Question 7
Under which dynasty did China control territories that are not part of modern China? Use pages 224 page and 385 to compare.

What present-day country south of China, and what present-day country northeast of China, were controlled by this dynasty?

Ancient China Question 8
Why do you think the majority group in China today calls itself the “Han people”?  Use page 224.

Where do you think minority groups that do not consider themselves Han people might live in China today?  Use page 224.


Use this map and the map on page 183 of History Alive to answer questions referring to a relief map on pages 131-133 of your workbook.  You will also need to read various parts of the chapter
China Relief Map
Geography Challenge

  Use these scrolls to help you for 59F



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