Tuck Everlasting Questions 11-15

1. (A) What was different about eating at the Tuck house than eating at the Foster house? (B)  Explain whose house you would like to eat dinner in, the Tucks' or Fosters'. (11)

2. "You can't have living without dying" what do you think Tuck meant by that? (12)

3. (A) How does Tuck explain the changes in life to Winnie?  (B) He compares his family to a rowboat, what does he mean by that? (12)

4. How does Tuck feel about not growing any older? (12)

5. Why doesn't Tuck want other people to find out about the spring water? (12)

6. What do you think the man in the yellow suit's intentions are when visiting Winnie's parents (13)

7. What is Jesse's view on life?  How is this view of living forever different from the rest of his family? (14)

8.  Speculate why the man in the yellow suit may want the woods.  How does he show he is greedy or selfish when he deals with Winnie's parents? (15)

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